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The chateau will be hosting a meeting of dozens of high-ranking German officers, the elimination of whom will hamper the German military's ability to respond to D-Day by disrupting the chain of command.

Those who survive the mission will be pardoned and returned to active duty at their former ranks.

Worden assigns Reisman an unusual and top-secret mission, code-named Project Amnesty.

He is to train a small band of the Army's worst convicts (selected for him) and turn them into commandos to be sent on a virtual suicide mission, the airborne infiltration and assault on a château near Rennes in Brittany.

As soon as we broke up I was going to leave — the heat, the lameness of Vegas, the lack of anything remotely green — but then I met my future husband and we’ve been together 11 years. BO: Soon after I met him I started making my own clothes fashioned after the ‘70s and ‘80s. Then I made them for clubs (Rain, Moon, Ghostbar, SLS Miami) and Filthy Mouth was born (the name comes from her husband, who claims she swears like a sailor).

I was working with local photographers in Vegas for my shoots, but it was hard to find good ones because while Vegas does have cool things, when it comes to artists, it’s either really weird or too expensive. It started out where I was just shooting behind a plain white backdrop for my website to put new product (up).

People want girls to look a certain way, so I try to hire a model that looks that way rather than have them tell me after how they wanted the model to look. People are always copying each other and using each other for inspiration, which I totally think is fine.

Plus, I think all that Photoshopping stuff is bullshit. Let’s have the clothes look right the first time and the model look right the first time. I love Salt N Pepa and I love Vanilla Ice and I love the feeling of all of that stuff mixed in with ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll. Everybody looks through the same magazines, watches the same stuff on TV and has a record player again; that’s the thing to do. We’re appreciating the things our parents had and having fond memories of our past.

It’s an admirable trait in the age of “F*** it, we’ll fix it in post.”“The model always asks if I can make their butt look a certain way,” she says. Let’s just make your pose right.’”She’s a lady we think you should follow, and we recently chatted with her about shooting on film, the allure of the ‘70s and why Photoshop is bulls***. Brooke Olimpieri: I actually followed a boyfriend here from Oregon.

Under the leadership of Reisman, supported by Capt.

Kinder and supervised by Bowren and a few more MPs, the group begins training.

There’s something about not knowing how good the picture is. It makes it more of a gamble, but you have to put more thought into what you’re doing to ensure good work.

When I get a roll back, at least 50 percent of the shots are 10s, and how many more 10s do you need?

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